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Embolization for MSK and Sports Injuries

Musculoskeletal pain is a leading cause of disability among aging patients in the U.S. Many with chronic pain are unable to get adequate relief from traditional pharmacologic therapies. Others may not be able to take them due to age or comorbidities. Attention has turned to embolotherapy as a safe and minimally invasive procedure to treat MSK pain.

MSK sessions at GEST 2022 were standing room only. Attendees were given an update on the research using embolotherapy for joint disease and MSK sports injuries.

With most IRs lacking in depth experience in MSK, there was high interest in the educational sessions which covered an overview of embolization techniques for OA, frozen shoulder, and sports injuries. Attendees also learned about patient selection and what outcomes resulted from these procedures as well as what future studies would need to encompass to receive acceptance by referring physicians.

Due to the popularity of these sessions and the need for IRs to understand how to examine and diagnose a patient to determine if they are a candidate for an interventional procedure, we are thrilled to announce our first focused Hot Topic Meeting on MSK.

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