PAE Summit

PAE Summit

Learn more about the skills needed to scale a practice and serve patients in this rapidly growing, technically demanding field. 

The PAE Summit was held on April 29, 2023. The on-demand recordings can be accessed using the link below. 
On demand PAE summit


Download a copy of the program here

  • Introduction
  • LUTS and patient work up, Dr. Attila Kovacs
  • Drugs and MIST – current evidence and considerations, Dr. Samdeep Mouli
  • Surgical Mx of BPH – Small, moderate and large glands – Does one size fit all? Dr. Shivank Bhatia
  • Prostate Arterial Anatomy – Essentials, Dr. Mark Little
  • PAE: Optimizing Technique for consistent results, Dr. Marc Sapoval
  • Practical tips for tough cases, Dr. Aaron Fischman 

Panel discussion:

  • Imaging prior PAE
  • Patient counseling for PAE – practical tips
  • Technique: Access, Embolic choice, Endpoints, Catheters
  • PAE vs MIST vs surgical outcomes – PAE ongoing trials, Dr. Justin McWilliams
  • Post PAE Management, Dr. Nainesh Parikh
  • Durability of PAE – consideration for repeat treatment, Dr. Tiago Bilhim
  • Building a successful PAE practice, Dr. Raj Ayyagari
  • PAE in OBL – considerations of equipment, radiation etc, Dr. Charles Nutting
  • Urological Societies- Standard management and role of PAE, Dr. Tiago Bilhim

Panel discussion:

  • Hematuria
  • Complications
  • Cone beam
  • Reduce radiation
  • Unmet needs
  • Research
  • BPH Board


Thank you to the following Sponsor for supporting this educational event.

GE Healthcare