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A Gateway to the world's leading expertise in Embolization and IR/IO

The power of a multidisciplinary global network of over 2000 KOLs and practitioners to help you reach your goals faster.

Changing Market Dynamics

In the last few years, the pandemic has left indelible changes to the health care landscape.  Physicians have been bombarded with unforeseen changes in patient flows, process changes, resource constraints, and increasing pressures to do more with less.  Companies have found their access to physicians and decision makers cut off/dramatically reduced.

As the world evolves post pandemic, new ways of doing business are evolving to take the practice of Interventional Radiology to the next level.  Physicians are excited to learn about new products and procedures that will enable their practices to efficiently have a greater impact on patients’ lives.  Companies want to make their products stand out and to create engaged physicians who will support them.

This is the world that The GEST Group bridges.  A world where our global network of leading KOLs and practitioners of interventional radiology and interventional oncology can help medical device manufacturers and drug developers gain insights to help clients create solutions which respond to emerging trends, market threats, and unmet needs while promoting better customer engagement and lasting loyalty.

GEST education for embolization procedures


How has this change impacted your strategy?

Are you experiencing intensified pressures…

Marketing and Education

Is your marketing team wondering if your value proposition on target? Are we demonstrating the use of our product in a compelling manner? Are physicians promoting our product and brand to their peers? How is this industry evolving and how can I leverage intelligence to lead?  


Is your sales team asking… will my training strategy produce results? Will my sales reps emerge clinically fluent? Will physicians give us time, engage with our brand, and view our reps as competent?

Product Design

Are your product design teams wondering…have marketplace shifts affected my product? Do our internal experts understand the market? Are we focusing on the right pain points? Do physicians see our product as the best solution when treating patients?


How we help

Successful products are not built by reactive measures. They are designed and marketed as part of a strategic approach that is woven into the fabric of the company.​ Leverage the power of GEST – a trusted brand and network​ of global IR/IO experts.

GEST Dr Jafar Golzarian and Dr Marc Sapoval are key opinion leaders in embolization

Make The GEST Group your partner anytime IR/IO expertise is needed.

Marketing will be better prepared to educate physicians about the value of your products and demonstrate how to use your products in a matter that creates brand ambassadors.

Sales teams will be more clinically fluent and resonate with physicians making them successful, happy, motivated, and thriving in the field.

Design teams will be able to acknowledge shifts in the marketplace and what that means from a product strategy and design perspective.

We deliver results. You gain loyal customers and grow your company.