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Virtual Hepatocellular Carcinoma Summit

On-demand (originally recorded Oct 7, 2023)

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Summit

Join leading hepatocellular carcinoma experts to discuss the latest topics relevant to the interventional oncologist.

learning objectives

Upon completion of the Virtual Summit, participants will be able to:

    • Understand how interventional oncology integrates with the comprehensive management of patients with HCC.
    • Describe advancements in perioperative and intraprocedural imaging technologies utilized in local therapy for HCC.
    • Learn how to optimize locoregional therapy outcomes by navigating an increasingly complicated HCC treatment landscape.


  • What the interventional oncologist should know about cirrhosis and HCC:
  • What the interventional oncologist should know about liver transplant for HCC
  • Characterizing HCC phenotypes through imaging
  • Advancements in HCC local therapy treatment planning and procedural imaging
  • Radioembolization dosimetry in patients with cirrhosis: How can we optimize both safety and efficacy
  • Anticipating and managing HCC local therapy complications: Lessons Learned

Panel Discussion

  • When should a patient with HCC receive local therapy instead of resection?
  • One nail and many hammers: How do I choose a treatment for solitary HCC?
  • Glass Ceiling: What is the role for multiple radioembolization devices for the treatment of HCC?
  • Will TACE survive the age of radioembolization and immunotherapy?
  • When do I utilize adjunctive therapies for the locoregional treatment of HCC?
  • The HCC landscape has become busy: Keeping the patient in mind
Panel Discussion


Jafar Golzarian

Dr. Jafar Golzarian

University of Minnesota

Marc Sapoval

Pr. Marc Sapoval

Université de paris/ Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou

Dr. Beau Toskich

Dr. Beau Toskich

Mayo Clinic

Julie Heimbach

Dr. Julie Heimbach

Mayo Clinic

JD LeGout

Dr. JD LeGout

Mayo Clinic

Nora Tabori

Dr. Nora Tabori

Medstar Washington Hospital Center

Robert Lewandowski

Dr. Robert Lewandowski

Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern

Dan Brown

Dr. Daniel Brown

Vanderbuilt University Medical Center

Dr. Sarah White

Dr. Sarah White

Medical College of Wisconsin

Ed Kim

Dr. Ed Kim

Mount Sinai

Siddharth-Padia-University-of-California-300x172 (1)

Dr. Siddharth Padia


Denise Harnois

Dr. Denise Harnois

Mayo Clinic

Umair Majeed

Dr. Umair Majeed

Mayo Clinic


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